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Originally posted by suginami
It's not really important that your coolant and brake fluid look clean and full.

Mercedes requires coolant to be replaced at 3 year intervals.

Mercedes requires brake fluid to be replaced at 2 year intervals.

Coolant not only raise the boiling point and lowers the freezing point, but it also inhibits rust / corrosion. When coolant gets old, it loses its ability to prevent rust, and actually becomes corrosive.

Brake fluid loves to absorb water (hygoscopic ??). Water build-up in your brake fluid is a bad thing. It decrease your braking performance, it allows the fluid to heat up faster, and it could allow your broke cylinders to rust.

These are the only two maintenance items that occur in time intervals instead of mileage intervals, and they cannot be neglected.
OK, sounds fair. I will change the brake fluid and coolant, hopefully it's not too complicated. Can't be that different from any other car right?

One question though, how come in my Acura I don't have to change the coolant or brake fluid until 100,000 miles or 5 years? Is the fluid in Mercedes poor quality that the brake is gone after 2 years and the coolant after only 3?
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