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if you are reading this, i would appreciate your response.

about a month ago, you gave me a very straightforward answer to the starmark program.

as a result, when i purchased this very low mileage s500c in virtually as-new condition, i bought 2 years of starmark coverage.

after concluding the purchase paperwork, the sales rep and i went to get the car and to conduct the pre-flight[since the car has considerably more features than any of my other benzes]. while conducting the pre-flight, i adjusted the rear vision mirror. and in doing so, i discovered that it would not hold its position. the sales rep grimaced upon seeing this, but said that he would look into its repair. i had to go along with that because i had flown into san antonio to pick up the coupe on a friday afternoon and wanted to get on the road so as to avoid san antonio rush hour traffic and to catch dinner at a bbq joint outside of brenham texas.

it was my feeling that the m-b dealer had failed to catch this mirror glitch in in its starmark inspection and that the starmark warranty would cover the problem. but now i am not so sure that starmark covers this. i went back to the dealer, they were reluctant to respond to the problem. eventually, i got an oral commitment from the sales rep that i could get this repaired and that they would reimburse me. i asked for that in writing and have yet to see such a formal acknowledgment.

just for the my education, i stopped by my houston m-b dealership today to ask them about remedying the floppy mirror. they told me that the entire mirror would have to be replaced. about $900.

i did not bring up the starmark issue, but i wasn't asked about it either. making me think that the rearview mirror is not covered by the starmark program. this is fortified by the san antonio dealer offering to reimburse me for the repair.

have i understood this situation accurately?

yes or no. and if it requires more detail, i am all ears.
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