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Homelink In '97 W140c

so, i acquired this coupe. it was manufactured in 10/96 and sold new in 12/96 as a 1997 model.

it has a homelink 3 switch system built into the rear view mirror.

great, i could stop carrying around my remote garage door opener that is so sensitive and which has such great range it opens my garage door when it is just hanging out in my pocket.

programming this homelink indicated that it had accepted the signal. but nothing happened. lights illuminated, but no action at the door. so i emailed mbusa.

my reply indicated that the homelink system in my vehicle was not compatible with the rolling code tech of my overhead door garage door and that i might want to call homelink so as to learn what my options might be.

i did that. the homelink customer service rep advised me that he did not have any info on m-b vin #'s, but here was the situation as best he knew.

1. at some time in 1997 model year, homelink replaced its unit to allow for rolling code technology. that unit would have amber signal indicating lights.

2. the rolling code technology unit required a revised wiring from homelink units fitted by benz prior to some vin # in the 1997 model year. he could not tell me if my unit had mirror wiring compatible with the rolling code revision or not. if it did not, then the mirror would require a rewiring if i wanted to fit a rolling code homelink system.

3. it was suggested that it might be easier for me to change out the garage door opening system to a non-rolling code version than to upgrade the benz.

i stopped by my houston m-b dealer today. they have never made such an upgrade. they suggested that if it was to be done, the entire mirror unit might have to be replaced.

at a cost of some bucks.

this gets interesting because the selling dealer of this starmarked car must have missed a floppy mounting of the rear view mirror during its inspection and has offered to reimburse me for the repair[i suppose that this means that starmark does not cover this safety item].

even if i don't upgrade the homelink device, my dealer says that the mirror replacement to correct the floppiness will cost about a grand.


any comments?

all ears.
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