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Originally posted by rjnonnie

For what ever reason Mercedes does not use the 5 year antifreeze. I don't know about the type of brake fluid that Acrua uses, but I have never heard of 5 year brake fluid. I just got into the habit of 3 year coolent changes and 2 year brake fluid changes. The coolent and brake fluid changes are similar to other makes of cars. I pull the drain plug on the engine to drain the coolent from the engine block.

Based on the recent maintenance you did, I recommend that the pollen filters (located behind the glove box) be replaced every 15K miles. I recently replace my pollen filters and at 15K miles they were dirty but not filthy dirty.

You can save more $ by ordering your parts through FastLane instead of the dealer.

Also Mercedes recommends replacing the fuel filter every 60K miles.
Ya, I actually changed the pollen filters in the glove box (both of them) the week I got the car. Guess I should have mentioned that. I posted that in the dust filter thread.

I guess I'll change the brake fluid and coolant, you guys have convinced me to listen to MB's 2 and 3 year rule, respectively. Thanks for the advice everyone, I'll post the results. I actually took a second look at the coolant and it is a tad brown.

I will buy the mercedes brand coolant and brake fluid and probably the pads for the front discs since I suspect they need replacing (might as well do it all at one right?). Hopefully the mercedes brand brake fluid and coolant isn't absurdly expensive... Oh, I get my parts at a 20% discount from the local dealership so that's why I don't order from fastlane, although I send my friends to fastlane since I can't get them my discount.

As far as the Acura, I believe the official (Honda) maintenance schedule says the antifreeze is 10 year/100,000miles and the brake fluid is 60,000 or 100,000 miles, no time specified. However, 5 years for each is what most dealers will do if you don't hit the miles first. Go figure...
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