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Originally posted by manny

FYI, my VW specified a brake fluid flush & fill every two years.
Don't know about BMW, but it would'nt surprise me if they require the same.
As far as 10 year coolant goes, I view this with the same scepticism as 100 k mile sparkplug changes.
Ya, I'm in the same boat as you. Although I will say this, I checked my spark plugs at 38k on my acura and they are still clean and perfect, although I just can't fathom NOT replacing them once I hit 60k. I will say this, I think that many people prematurely replace parts on their new cars, although it doesn't really hurt, it's sorta like putting super unleaded gas in a car that only needs regular. What I'm referring to are people who change their spark plugs every 15k miles, etc...

On a similar note, I change the oil in my acura every 15k (honda recommends every 7500) with mobil 1, and it comes out clean and the filter is as well. I strongly suspect I could easily go 20k miles. I've even sent it in for chemical analysis once (costs less than $50) and the oil is still in great condition. I guess what I'm saying is I don't always take the owner's manual as the word of God, I tend to believe my own eyes over what's printed in a manual.

That being said, I believe you guys more than my own eyes cause I can't see water buildup in the brake fluid.
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