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Turn Signal plug

On my U.S.A. headlights the pins consist of low beam, high beam, running lamp (under orange bezel) and ground pin. You have an additional four prong plug for turn signals... (one hole is empty) one hole is ground one hole is power for turn and the other hole for running lamps (within the turn signal) Oh and by the way my SL has the turn signals that were only offered one year on a 107 "1972" you know the tear drop shaped ones. Any hoo I am good with getting the pins to match up on my euros I bought on e-bay my question is where and how now do I plug my turn signals into the euros? I have no four prong receptacle for my turn signals, on my euros. Am I missing something? I can't find the post where someone said that all you have to do is get a molex connector or something from fastlane? Does any one feel my pain? I have these super cool euro's and want to hook them up in the worst! Oh and while I am in the give up mode... what wattage bulb do you insert into the empty hole that is the "city light" ??? I think that this little bulb gives the coolest little"halo of light I went to napa and got a low wattage bulb but it fits kinda loose I will bend the prong a little to tighten it but something tells me maybe I have inserted the wrong!
Thank you in advance this is the best forum I am having a lot of fun figuring out what makes these great cars tick, and I would be lost without this forumn. I have hooked up my battery charger to two amp trickle and have figured out what each pin and or hole does on both euro and U.S.A. lamps it is just now a question of how to hook up turn signals, i dont want to cut wires I want the correct connector number, the only thing I could think of would be to cut wires and hardwire it but with 23000 miles on my car I prefer to get the correct connector. I can take some pictures later I am sleepy now, thanks
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