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My '84 190E 2.3 w/ 155,000 miles is getting lower than usual oil pressure. It has only been in the 70s this week (farenheight) and the guage barely is off the stick at red lights. On the highway, the guage only shows 2.5 bar rather than the usual 3 plus at speed.

I am due for an oil change. Tomorrow I'll put in a new filter cartridge and try some 30 or 40 weight for the rest of the summer.

Is there anything else I should check that is problematic for this car like a clogged pick up screen? bad o-ring on the pick up tube? oil pump?

I dont really want to rebuild this thing. The body is beat up, the rear diff is on the way out and the tranny is acting up.


Pat Leber
84 190E 2.3
83,85.5 944
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