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Yes, I agree: Read the Starmark warranty very carefully.

This is my favorite example: The driver's seat back on the wagon rocked. Not the seat bottom, the seat back. When the armrest is down and one puts their right arm on it the seat back would flop forward. Weird. I took it to two dealerships for Starmark work and was told repeatedly it was not covered. I needed to pay: $800 for labor to remove the seat, remove the seat frames (both) and replace all the seating materials $1,450. This for a car that was "inspected" PRIOR to being Starmarked. When I protested saying the seat was both a safety and comfort item I was told sorry. I simply could not believe it. I felt burned.

Disregard what your sales person tells you as far as what will be covered. Understand it your self.

Another good example is the period of "adjustment". I didn't find out about this until the warranty expired that Mercedes will "consider" adjustments to the car both during the warranty period and after, not covered under the warranty. I wish I had known that......

When I said the vehicle had been inspected I got wry smiles from the service staff. They indicated that they simply push the cars through, some more inspected than others.

IF, I ever buy another Starmarked car again, I will take hours to carefully comb through the car and check off the status of all working parts. I will then determine what is covered and what is not. For the items that are not covered, I will use them to negotiate a final purchase price.

READ THE STARMARK WARRANTY BOOKLET VERY CAREFULLY. Take any component and do a determination on your own as to whether it will be covered.

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