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Of course, there are a zillion things in the suspension system that can wear and loosen. You have to raise the car safely and use the three P's, push, pull, pry and prod, to find loose components. You will need to support each lower control arm to check the lower ball joints.

As MB Doc pointed out, the SOURCE of the vibration is wheel or tire problems, most likely imbalance. It is VERY common for the tire stores to use balance weights ONLY on the inboard lip. This is called static balance. Static balancing will prevent the wheel from hopping up and down, but the wheel will wobble unless weights are used inboard AND outboard. This is called dynamic balance.

Wheel imbalance is the SOURCE of the vibration. Bad dampers such as steering stabilizers and shocks or loose suspension joints will worsen the TRANSMISSION of the imbalance.

Balance your wheels PROPERLY, make sure all components are in good shape. Alignment is a good thing, but it will have little or nothing to do with vibration.

Good luck,
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