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a borescope would have revealed this.>>

Not nessasarly. Borescoping will reveal gouged walls, bent valves, excessive carbon or galled walled but not guide/seal issues or gummed up oil control rings.

On to Starmark, good solid warrenty. Personally I think it was introduced as a answer to aftermarket warrenty providers running from 140's due to the evap issues. 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other, both factory sponsered and aftermarket warrentys have their merits and drawbacks. I like aftermarket ones myself, I can administer them, cant touch a starmark.

The plain and simple reality of ANY warrenty is understanding just what it covers..... this is the consumers responsibilty..... period. Same deal with reading and understanding the owners manual of your car. Doing so is wonderful, eliminates the stress of both the client and service facility being PO'd explaining how features work, explaining coverage and so on. (trust me I have many examples of this in action) The other responsibilty of the consumer is to make sure every feature of their purchase is in working order to their satisfaction. Dont listen to your salesman, he is just that, a salesman. I know of a dealer in FLA who actually has delivery specialists who do nothing but demonstrate the workings of all features to the new owners. Damn good idea.

I also recomend anyone who is looking at a "preowned" car to get a indy to check it over very throughly (use one who knows the cars) You'd be amazed at what will slide through a preinspection or a starmark certification, afterall these are handled by people and we all know people in general will make bad jugdement calls. This is not however a end all to gatting a "flawed" product, you simply cant check everything.

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