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air flow / direction / vent problem


With the weather warming up, I looked into the air issue again. First, I played with the air flow direction buttons (top, center, top /down & down) and the air continued to blow to the windshield. I then pressed the EC button as you suggested and the air flow did start coming out of the center and lower vents. At first it was nice and cold and then steadily got warmer. I then pressed the EC button again to turn it off and for a very short while, the air flow stayed to the center and lower vent and then went back to the windshield. Pressing the EC button again, repeated the operation.

From this description, do you feel the issue is still the Fresh Air Vacuum Diaphragm. If it is, where is it located and are there more then one that need to be replaced. Thanks for your help with this issue.

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