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Unhappy More Stumbling issues please help!!!

Hello all I am writing this post with a heavy heart! I have done the search and have read the post, I have developed a stumbling problem and it is intermittent! I have read all the possible causes but they only apply to newer MBZ, I have an 87 420 SEL and I would like to know the following:

1. Where would the ICM be located on my car?
2. Where would I look for the TPS (throttle position sensor)
3. Is there a way to run a diagnostics on this car?
4. I have heard of people making there own "scan tool" is that possible with this year of a vehicle
5. I have just changed the spark plugs and used Denso plugs (non-platinum)
6. It doesn't shut off it just stumbles a little I checked for vacuum leaks and all is good, what else?
7. Where is the Egr located?
8. Is there a manual that can be purchased for this car?

I realize this has been posted but I have done the search and to no avail it only applies to the newer models this is my first Benz (boy these parts are expensive BTW) and I really love the car, any and all suggestions are welcomed.
I REALLY appreciate all responses as I am new to the board.
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