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1. I used a 3/8" socket extension wedged between the balancer and the timing chain cover. I did a search and a member bought the proper tool from Baum Tools - try an internet search.

2. I used my breaker bar with the correct socket on the belt tensioner bolt and used the breaker bar as a lever to get the tension off the belt.

3. I'm not sure of the official torque spec. but "tight as you can get it" worked for me. Make sure you use blue locktite on the bolt.

4. Once the balancer bolt comes out a little tap on the balancer pulley with a rubber mallet should break it loose. I did mine without removing the radiator, but if you are worried about banging up the radiator remove it.

5. I did not replace my idler pulley or little shock absorber so I cannot comment.

Good luck
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