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Chris Ecklund
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Hello again from a Very Long Sabatical so long I dont even know if I spelt that word right....

You have really got to think about this question and what you have been exposed to, I am on my 7th diesel, 3rd benz, 3 v.w's and 1 cummins.

Currently I have a 98 300 Turbo-Diesel, and folks dont kid yourselfs here, the 98 and 99 are flat out the most incredible engines ever put in a benz period.

These cars will go down as the most sought after diesels ever, especially if benz doesnt bring any over.

If you want power, look no further.
Reliability?, we will have to wait and see, but my 84 VW turbo-diesel, is a hard act to beat, 310K never touched the engine.

But then again, it couldnt really move either compared to the 300, didnt feel rock solid, didnt corner, didnt have air, didnt....

Chris Ecklund
98 300 DT
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