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Thanks for posting pictures.
It appears the days of buying the "whole air flow sensor" will be over. I have read many threads about similar problems, and the solution was always the big purchase.

Hurshi did a great job indicating a way to calibrate the pot with pictures. Here are some tests Hurshi, I hope they help.

The CD manual states: "Ignition OFF;Terminals 1-3 3.6 to 4.6 K Omhs. Terminals 2-3 slowly deflect airflow sensor by hand, resistance value continually rises up to 2/3 of deflectionn then drops off again" page 39 of "Testing Electrical Components of the KE Injection System" Doc 7.3-0121.
Another test:
Engine: Start
Voltage from Terminal 3 to ground 4.6 - 5.1 Volts
Engine: Idle
Voltage from Terminal 2 to ground 0.55 - 0.95 Volts
Page 35 of document above. These tests are for W124 models, I do not know if they apply to 190's as well.

zhandax, keep us posted, the pot is starting to look like a maintenance item now that we now where to get it.

stevebfl, your input is extremely valuable, you are the expert. Please let us know the outcome on the pot you ordered.

Thanks all for a great thread.
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