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240D update

I will try to get pictures before it is stripped for donor parts.
The lowest steel engine oil line coupling, 1" from the compression nut, that would attach to the cooler rusted through suddenly = blew out a 1.5 mm hole.
My best guess, less than ten miles the oil pressure dropped + engine shut down.

I refilled the oil before it was towed to my work.
Thirty days later, I repaired the line and started the engine, the oil pressure came up giving me hope.

Then I heard the "ugly" unique scream of main/rod bearings spinning, the engine RPM dropped hard.
I turned off the engine, it still turns over.
Manual (breaker bar) turning resistance is not smooth or even + 75% higher than is acceptable.
The rod and main bearings where destroyed by oil starvation.

The engine, transmission, shifter, and pedal pack are gone to a new home in Maryland.
The engine is already on a stand being repaired.
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