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Fuel Guage jumpy after filling gas while engine on

Hey guys. This is like the 5th small problem I've encountered with my 99clk320, and I've only had it for a month! It's ridiculous.

Anyway, I know there are lots of posts in this forum about this issue, most suggest that the problem is probably a faulty fuel sender or some dirty contacts.

I just want to say that this problem only started for me yesterday when I pulled up to an Exxon full service gas station. The guy started gassing up when I realized that the engine was still running. Well, I went ahead and shut off the car.

Once the refilling is done, I drive away and notice that the fuel guage is at empty! Since then, its been jumpy. Goes to empty, then back up to 90 percent, then the light comes on intermittently, then stays on, then goes to full, etc.. etc...

Did I screw up something electronically by shutting off the car during the refueling process, or is this a purely mechanical thing?

Thanks all, this forum is FANTASTIC!
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