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STORMINORMAN - been follwing this thread and did some research online. Seems to be worth trying (auto-Rx). Anyhow is there not an issue with overfilling? Or might I ask, what is the proper procedure for using Auto-RX? I've been lead to believe you shouldn't fill the oil past the recomended capacity because it would put extra pressure on the seals and possibly cause leaks- right?

Have you tried the Auto-RX transmission product?

Also - how do you like your SVX? I love those cars but I went with a W124 (92 400e) because I was sacred off by the weak transmission stories I've heard (about the SVX). It's ironic because my W124 needs a new ac evaporator an various other problems have gone way beyond the cost of a new/rebuilt SVX tranny! Also seemed as if the leather interiors don't wear well past 100K.

csnow - check out this forum - do an Auto-RX search. This forum seems to be a more of a technical lubricant forum, some posting are vehicle fleet managers as well as some engineering typs. The posts I've read here have convinced me to give Auto-RX a try.
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