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Originally posted by genome408
technique, did you ever end up doing the coolant flush? i'm not to handy around the engine aby, but theres no way in hell i'm gonna pay someone to do something this simple. got a question for you if you did do it. is there a plug somewhere on the bottom of the radiator to flush ou the coolant, or should i use a topsider to suck it out?

and about this harmonic balancer issue, is it only for the v6 or are the v8 models affected also.
I have not actually done the coolant flush yet, but I'll tell you how to do it. I checked this forum and looked at my car and there are two bolts to remove to drain.

Yes, you want to remove the drain plug on the radiator (as you suspected) AND you also want to remove the drain plug on the engine block which is on the passenger side under the exhaust manifold. This will ensure that you drain out ALL the old coolant.

I will probably do this by the end of the week and I can take some pictures if you want and post them.

I will also do the brake fluid change and perhaps even a brake pad change this week too(although there are already pics in the DIY section of the pads).

I must admit, mercedes is a pain in the ass to work on, but it has a strange rewarding feeling because the car is so solidly built it makes me feel good to know it has nice clean fluids and parts under the hood. I can't explain it...

OH, by the way, I didn't mention this in my write-up, but when I took the plugs out of the engine, they were difficult to remove from the boots and in fact, two of them BROKE in half. The plugs were right around 5 years old since the car was manufactured in Feb 98 and sold in June 98. So just under 5 years of use but over 5 years old. I will say that the electrode and plug itself were dirty, but still in good condition, they certainly could last 100,000 miles, but not more than 5-6 years...
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