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Howdy! This is my first post anywhere,so be gentle. I have a 300D with 168000 miles on it. Yesterday a intermittent rattle appeared. It sounds like a screw is loose rattling around inside the front of the valve cover. After reading previous posts it sounds like a timing chain problem.

I am the second owner and don't know if the PO ever had it replaced. I do know the oil was changed frequently because I had a compression check done before I bought it and my tech was impressed at how good and even it was. (I think around 795).

I think I'm OK as far as engine damage it idles evenly and it was only driven a short distance home at moderate speed.

I have a couple of questions
1. Should I have it towed to the shop?
2. How much should it cost? (I just paid $900 to have the tranny re-sealed.)ouch!
3. Can I do this myself?
4. Does it sound like a timing chain or something else?

I hope to hear from someone soon.


Mr. Bill

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