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Originally posted by richunters
Mike yours looks good. Are these euro wipers? can I keep the US wipers?

Trim panel under the light: I guess they are removed by unscrewing from the back?

Euro light- How easy is it to replace bulbs on these?

Do I lose the fog light by going euro? I see euros have City lights, which I assume does not function as fogs.

I am obviously not Mike.. but can help answer some of your questions.

The wipers in the picture are the stock US versions. The European ones are longer and not really an L-shaped wiper as the US version. The Euro ones also wipe from the opposite direction.
The Euro headlights use H3 bulbs for foglights.. and H4 for hi/low beams. They are easy to replace... open the lid from the back and take out and replace.
The "city" lights is an option. There is a slot where a tiny bulb fits in. Don't know the size bulb. You would have to splice the wires to your corner ones to activate them.

These are the questions that I can answer.. hopefully someone will help you with the trim panel question.

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