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Scared to death

i took my car for an use and abuse test drive, and when y reached 230 km/h i applied a normal amount of force to the brakes and holly sh/&t they felt like a crappy disc, the peddal felt like if there was an obstruction, really weird, the peddal would up and down a little if i applied more force, slowed down like to 180km/h and they worked like they work everyday , perfectly.

i have a bent steering knuckle so my drivers side tie rod end is touching the rim

oh and one of the screws holding the a/c compressor to the compressor base broke and my compressor was hitting the sway bar and the udercarriage ( aftermarket a/c) i almost didnt sleep that night thinking of what could be the loud and hard clunking when the revs went down.thats all , whats happening to my bakes, they work just fine all the time but not a really high speeds im not sure but i think it happened when i was at a curve and applied the brakes
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