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Originally Posted by PreferVintage View Post
The injector on number 5 alternates between streaming and spraying...pop pressure was 1800 PSI using the Mercedes Source test would streaming injector lead to high combustion temps? I would have thought that would just be incomplete combustion. If a bed injector can cause engine failure like this we all better change / check injectors asap on any new acquisition! I'm still freaked and bummed this happened. I had a set of Monarks I was prepping to install before this happened...

If, indeed, the pop pressure was 1800psi, then that should eliminate early injection as a source of the apparent detonation. However, if the nozzle valve leaked, or stuck open during operation, then there would be detonation of the fuel prior to the intended start of combustion. The failure mode of the piston crown is a characteristic detonation failure.
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