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Originally Posted by PreferVintage View Post
The injector on number 5 alternates between streaming and spraying...pop pressure was 1800 PSI using the Mercedes Source test would streaming injector lead to high combustion temps? I would have thought that would just be incomplete combustion.
That injector is junk if it's streaming. Pop pressure is only part of the equation, spray pattern is far more important. Streaming/peeing will make the injection event happen at random times or continue dribbling before or after the injection event is supposed to take place. Depending on where it's spraying, it can cut the end off the glow plug, erode the vaporizer ball in the prechamber, or blow holes in the sides of the prechamber. All of the above are documented in various places on this site and elsewhere on the internet.

It's highly unlikely this just "happened", bad injectors give warning that they're failing with excessive noise (nailing/rattling), smoke, poor combustion, shaking at idle, and various other symptoms long before they seize up and wreck your engine or prechamber. At 160K they were probably original and way past the "service now" mileage of ~100K miles.

Creating unnecessary hysteria because an extremely unusual event happened to you doesn't help your cause or your credibility.
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