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Interesting (to me, anyway) E430 Story

We've had our "new" '99 E430 for a week and a half now, and are really enamored with it. I fell like I should call it a "motorcar" or something, but my wife would just roll her eyes, and my friends would stop calling. Oh well...

I found a service receipt in the glovebox from the original owner, and called him, to get his opinion on the car. It was nice to get a really enthusiastic response. "Best car I've ever had. Never any problems, always serviced. Tried to buy it at the end of the lease, but the bank wouldn't yield. Wish I still had it." He did confirm one problem that I would like to correct- the driver's headrest only works intermitently. "I didn't want them to take the (multicontour) seats appart, so I never bothered mentioning it," was his statment. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Also, I'm considering a fluid/filter change on the trans. The car has 60k. I know MB says it is sealed, but that sounds like marketing not engineering to me. Comments?

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