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Here is the full report from the shop.. of which I have added myself to the long list of recommenders.

The timing chain was off by one tooth, the mixture was off, and the rotary air device was reversed (my stupidity). He adjusted everything and the car runs great. The mechanic made some suggestions too. He said I need to replace the rocker for cylinder 4 intake.. the follower is worn causing a serious ticking (which I already knew) and that the exhaust will need to be replaced. Apparently (and I have not looked at this yet) the exaust has been cob jobbed.... down to 1 inch pipes and back out to 2 inch. Go figue. I also need to replace the auxilary water pump.. it is cracked and leaking.

I will take his advice and do the replacements right away.

It is so nice to get in the car, turn the key and have the car start immediately and RUN. What a pleasure this car is to finally drive the way it was meant to be driven.

Many thanks to all of you who have helped me throghout my ordeal. You have been my driving force, keeping me positive when I was ready to give up and sell the car. I hope I can do the same for some poor soul in the future.

Thanks again!
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