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Can radiators with leaks between cores and tanks be repaired? Well it seems the best answer would be: It depends.

Some radiator shops will say they can be repaired and will take your money and do it. Others say it can be done but it is a best a 50/50 proposition. The dissimilar materials is the main problem in that getting them to properly seal can be a problem, especially after the both have gone through mulitple cooling and heating cycles.

Others, including members of this forum say don't waste your time and money and simply replace the radiator.

It is my opinion that the "green" collant didn't cause the radiator to leak. It just happened. Yes the green stuff isn't good for the car but it is highly unlikely for that to be the cause.

This brings the conversation to getting the mechanic/ service to replace the radiator- I doubt it. If the car overheated due to a failing water pump then I see it as collateral damage and honestly I think they would regard it the same way. Or, it just happen at the same time.

You mentioned 1-800-radiator, did you get the water pump from them? Did you also purchase a radiator and have them install it?
Please clarify.

If, if it is a new radiator then who ever you bought it from should warranty the radiator, whether filled with the green stuff or MBZ coolant.

Finally! If they supply Behrs as well, then you would certainly have the right to request that brand. Whether they will exchange it would depend on their cost difffential between the two.

If you are in need of a radiator, check with Fastlane. They have excellent prices, service and are great people who are very knowledeable. After all, they are the good people who sponsor this site!

So .... talk to us,

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