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I agree that if the repairs are done correctly it shouldn't matter. As indicated above, however, you are never quite sure if they are done correctly, so it is probably not a good idea to get a previously injured car. If nothing else, the ability of the car to withstand another accident is at question.

Re expense of repairs, a friend of mine was in his 944 and was hit by a bicycle rider who put a slight dent in the right front fender and a scratch on the bumper/hood. The cost to repair this was $4,500.00. Don't know what the damage was to the bike. Anyway, $9K worth of repairs is not necessarily indicative of significant damage.

In your case, since there was stated frame & suspension repair don't do it!

If you shop around you can probably find a variety of 300E's or maybe even 400E in your price range. I saw someplace that the trade in value of an early '90s 400E was around $11K to $13K with 120K on odometer. Also it's a real good idea to be patient when looking for a used car. Some time ago I was looking for a car and looked at about 25 of them before I was happy with the one I found. Had that car for 9 years

Happy hunting!


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