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I require at least some paintwork, and asked a similar question of one of the guys at work who came from a specialty coating company in CA. I knew he had some involvement in the testing of automotive paints.
His response was framed in terms of physical durability and fade resistance.
The way he expressed it was 'Dupont is twice as good as PPG, which, in turn, is twice as good as everything else.'
I doubt that 'everything else' includes MB OEM paint, as the two examples he mentioned of 'everything else' were domestic brands.

He went on to suggest for maximum durability, Imron clear coat. (I have anthracite gray, and will require clear coat.) He explained that the reason Imron clear is not used more often is that it does not apply particularly smoothly (does not 'lie down'), and told me the trick to make it 'lie down' is to mix acetone in proportions up to a third of the mixture.

Here is where I would like to hear from other members. Has anyone heard, or does anyone have experience in applying clear Imron in this manner?

At a cost-per-ounce approaching good champagne, I would like to get a comfort level before going this route.
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