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Scared to death

That's your subject line ...

You SHOULD be scared (but hopefully NOT to death!)

What the fine members of this forum are politely trying to tell you is that your car is NOT in excellent shape and does not sound like it is actually fit to drive at this time.

It is not responsible behavior to drive this vehicle at those speeds with the kinds of problems you have. A bent steering knuckle causing the tie rod end to touch the rim? An AC compressor poised to become a 142 mph projectile for the car behind you? Bent suspension components are a sign of trouble. MB suspensions are well engineered and don't readily bend. If a steering knuckle is bent, I would bet there are other front-end problems as well.

PLEASE do yourself (and others around you) a favor and DON'T drive this car until you have the front end and brakes looked at by a trusted mechanic.
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