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Further explanation...

What it gets down to is: I had the dist. loose to do the water pump-not all the way out, just loose. I put it back and centered the bolt after checking for TDC and making sure it was on the right tooth. I replaced the vacuum check valve that looks like a hockey puck in the process.

I have one cylinder missing enough to create rough idle so I move the dist around a bit to see if it effected performance (I admit, I didn't know about the automatic timing.) After reading up, I assumed that you could bolt the dist down pretty much anywhere on the adjusting scale and the EZL would time it up automatically. I haven't found that to be the case.

I haven't put a light to it lately but a few weeks ago I believe it read 15degress at idle. I'll have to look for the vaccum line that was referenced. I have always suspected a leak but have looked but never found one.

Thanks for in input.

J. Boggs
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