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Re: Willy, glad to see you. . .

ticking? ouch. what happened? your engine has hydraulic valves, correct? makes finding/fixing the tick a PITA?

my SHO has solid actuated valves. if there's a tick, a shim is probably out of spec. replace it and be on your way.

is this common in MB V8s or am i just being neurotic?


Originally posted by JimF
still kicking! Yes, it has been awhile.

My S500 turned 104k miles recently and it's doing fine although I have a interrmittant 'ticking' lifter.

The dreaded DTC19 happened to me at 102k. So replaced the eprom and it fixed the problem nicely. In fact, the chip has fixed ALL cars that had the problem, about 15 or so!

A few weeks ago, I replaced the O2 and MAF sensors. This changed self adaptation [went higher] and gas mileage to around 16mpg city. Have left the new eprom in.
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