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Let me put that another way. I have not heard from anyone on the email lists (in the past 4+ years), nor on, who have tried swapping to non-SLS and liked it, or even left it that way. I'd love to hear from someone who did find a way to make it work.

From what I understand, the issue is all wagons have SLS, and the sedan springs either don't physically fit (??), or are simply not strong enough for the extra weight of the wagon body. Hence no non-SLS springs exist (that I know of!) to support the heavy wagon rear end. The hydro shock supports a decent amount of the rear weight, 20-30%, IIRC? If you put in sedan springs & standard shocks, the rear end sits way too low. None of my cars have SLS so I never did major research into this. Like I said, I'm all for finding a way around it, but thus far it's not looking promising...

Note that on the 124 chassis there are a wider variety of springs available, and the tallest/strongest *might* work on a 124 wagon. But most of the time this question arises, it is in reference to the W123 SLS system. Well there was the guy with an E420 and SLS who wanted Sportline, but he ended up getting the proper Euro Sportline SLS springs to fix it.
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