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Yup, you are right, I missed the details in your first post. Note that the 1979 is a 123.190, and according to the EPC is should have SLS! The EPC shows no non-SLS parts for the rear suspension, which is really weird. Maybe you have a Euro parts wagon? I dunno. Would need to check the Euro EPC. The early 123.193 (turbo) wagons used the same SLS springs as the .190, but later ones used a different spring - there's a chassis VIN number break. But there were no other optional springs shown. I'd need to check the TDM for th 123, and also the Euro EPC.

A note on the alternative springs. MB springs are color coded with a red or blue stripe, indicating "long" or "short", for the SAME spring part number, to allow for manufacturing tolerances. You don't get to pick which you get unless the dealer has one of each. The spring part number is stamped near the end of the coil that sits in the control arm, at least on the 124 springs. I don't believe the other stripes indicate anything, it's the part number that's important, and the blue/red only indicates which thickness rubber pad should be used. But yes MB normally does offer a HD spring for "countries with poor roads", and I have seen that before.

Believe me, if you can do the swap and post the part numbers required, there will be a lot of happy people anxious to read the "how to"!
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