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Question window tinting

I am having this done to my 1994 Euro C180 tomorrow morning, but want to ask those who have done it whether they ever had any early problems from the tinted skin installed on their windows. Here there are 4 versions of which I am going for the Classic or A$180 version with metallised coating. This seems to be the one car dealers use for new cars. My questions are whether this skin will bubble up when parked under the sun for long periods especially in Summer, whether this will also happen when using the rear window heater core during the cold Winter months for long drives. I have been told to prevent this we must not open or close the windows or use the heater for a few days. Also, not to clean the windows from the insides immediately after the installation. I have seen cars with this done and some whiteness seem apparent around the edges of the darkened borders. They claim that they also scrape the window's whole inside surface with very fine steel wool to remove all stuck hard dirt which cannot be washed off. Now what about the rear window's heater cores and the toughened glass markings in the corners? Are these going to be scraped off too? How long would these skins last on the conservative side before the colour runs, fades and the skin peels? I have seen some really bad ones, but think they are cheap D.I.Y stuff you get from the supermarts or car trim shops. I also feel that the ups and downs of the windows will induce plenty of scratches on the film very soon. Thanks.
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