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If you did not thoroughly evacuate, that is a bad thing, but if it mostly evacuated it should not keep the system from cooling. Although those pressures should be providing good cooling a converted system will sometimes be elusive when trying to charge to the correct level. I don't even remember what model you are working on, so I don't remember if it is an original 134 system or converted.

Also when you have seemingly good pressures, blower running and everything else pointing toward a properly running system but it is not cooling well, don't overlook the possibility of heat being added to the system. On most models this is controlled by a monovalve or heater control valve near the battery. If it is an early eighties car the valve can fail open. On later cars the controller will fail causing the valve to flow when it should not.

With the a/c on full, feel of the hoses in and out of the valve. The one entering the valve from the engine should be warm and the hose on the other side toward the heater core should not be warm. If they are both warm then the valve is flowing hot coolant to the heater core offsetting the cold air from the evaporator.

Keep on plugging at it.

Good luck,
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