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New coolant flush method?

After driving my car for six months with green coolant I am ready to get that stuff out of there. I searched the forums for procedure. General consensus is to pull the drain plug from the block under the manifold between cylinders 5 and 6. I couldn't see the plug from from on top, so I went ahead and called the local dealer. They were more than nice. Said pulling the drain plug can be a job trying to reinstall since it is a little difficult to access. Advised since I am going to change the t-stat and flush to do the following:

Drain the radiator and remove the stat.

Replace the housing without replacing the stat.

Detach the heater hose coming off the rear driver's side of the engine and flush from there. (I guess I would fashion a connection to attach the garden hose so that the pressure from the hose pushes the water through the engine. )

Also said I could flush back the other way and flush the heater core.

Do you guys advocate this method of flushing? A buddy of mine doens't understand how this will get all the coolant out of the block.
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