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No, Imron is out of the question, I've always heard it was expensive and difficult to spray, and the color selection was limited. Gloss is just as important as durability, and I don't want to spend a lot of time color sanding and buffing. This is a panel repair on a car without clearcoat; I'm looking at acrylic urethane type paints. It seems that a few posts up they were comparing DuPont epoxy (Imron) to PPG and everyone else's urethane or enamel--apples to oranges if you will.

The PPG dealer here also sells DuPont; he should be pretty objective about how those two compare. It seems that ten years ago there was some mystique about Sikkens, but since no one here says it's still twice as good as everything else, I'm inclined to go with PPG. I've worked with it before and still have some primer & catalysts left over.

Thanks all. Will post again as the job progresses!

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