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400E Owners, Whatís Your Gas Mileage

It seemed my gas mileage was falling off, the plugs indicated a rich fuel mixture, checked the Oxygen sensor it was bad, so I changed the sensor and installed spark plugs. Iím going to start checking my gas mileage for city, city/highway and highway, which I have not done for several years; I use to always post my gas mileage on ever fill-up.
So I was wondering and would appreciate if you 400E owners could post your current gas mileage on your 400Eís, and how many miles on your auto, and if you have the history of what your average gas mileage was your first year. Thought it would be interesting in knowing what each of our 400Eís gas mileage is and how it has changed.

Thanks, enjoy your drive, timreid
1992 400E
euro lights
500E sway bars
210 16in wheels
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