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Thanks Steve,
I found it right away, took it out (5 minutes max), checked for any loose connections or anything obvoius. The darn thing looks brand new. It had some white stuff under it (silicone?) and was loose. I would assume it should have been tight. Maybe that's why it broke.
I looked at my receipts and I had it fixed by the MB dealer 05-18-2001. Lasted two years, great. Most of the other stuff they have worked on broke earlier or has come loose. But guess how much it was?
Labor 264.50
Part 346.80
Misc 15.87
Total: 627.17
They have a license to steal.
I just ordered the part again (not fromMB) $156.00 and it litteraly takes 3 minutes to change if you know what to look for.

where is that fuse you mentioned?
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