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Need Help on 300e, Steve? Donnie? Arthur Dalton?

I am having a problem with my 1990 300e and I can't determine the cause. After driving the car for a few minutes, the red light on the Recirculation Switch will begin flashing, once this happens, the air from the vents is hot, and the engine starts running rough, and sometimes even quits. Most of the time, I can cut the engine off and restart, and the light quits flashing, but the same thing happens after driving again for a few minutes. The Climate Control doesn't seem to effect this problem as it will happen when the A/C or even the heat is on. I have already replaced the Voltage Regulator, Overvoltage Relay, and several other items. Can anyone help with this?

1987 300SDL
1990 300E
1989 300E
1986 300E
1981 300D
1983 240D

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