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Unhappy Tab bushing position

Got my front tabs back from the dealer today where they pushed in new ball joints and new bushings. I've taken photos before the job and found that they have incorrectly installed the new bushings.

Job 33-0525 'Replacing control arm mounting' on the shop CD specifies that on model 124, the rear mounting should be installed with the flat section of the bushing facing up and the front with the the flat facing sideway. Both were installed facing sideway !

The bushings come in pair each with different rubber hardness : the harder one (3 lugs) was previously on the rear mounting and is now on the front mounting !

The job call for a special tool to flare the clamping sleeve holding the 2 parts of the bushing. No flaring was done by the dealer !

So, not a great job : that I could have done myself at a far cheaper price !

Would I go to a disaster by putting back those tabs as returned by the dealer or is it better to wait next monday to have the job redoned ? Actually, I'm more with the second option.
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