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Good news: AC is charged and cooling well. I have re-installed the under hood items (fresh air intake and wiper motor, etc) and installed a new ACC Filter.

Bad news: The car has developed a miss at low and high rpm's, but only after it has been run for at least about 10 minutes, and then the miss stops after about twenty minutes. It has done this on 3 separate trips now. The first one, I was driving to have the AC charged, the engine started missing so I turned around to limp the car back home. On the way back, it started running smoothly. The next day, I am driving the car to get the AC charged again, and after about 10 minutes of the 15 minute trip it started missing again. I drove the car around for about 10 minutes and it stopped missing again. Oh, and the miss happens whether the AC is on or not.

Any ideas? All I have left is to re-install the dash and I would like to find the problem before I put the dash in, only to find I have to take it back out to correct the problem.
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