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Talking window tinting

Just got my car back after the tinting installation. I am very impressed with the job. The colour is called Classic darkest legal. Black toned and looks great on my windows. Now the rubbernecks at traffic lights can't really see the pimp or drug dealer driving this great little Benz car!!! All they see is blacked out shadows of R2D2 or C3PIO. Hope it lasts as long as the car does. Saw a great C180 1996 just now while cruising around at dealers. 1996 model Esprit, perfect condition, dark metallic green, perfect insides and outsides, much better than mine even after spending so much tidying it up for the last year. Only problem is it costs A$18999 which is cheap for this car, but mileage is 215,000kms. If I hadn't bought my light blue C180 this time last year, I would have fallen in love with this one! Unfortunately, I don't have the spare cash. If the mileage is say 115,000kms or 120,000, I would just go out and get a loan! What should I do???? Thanks for your inputs guys!
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