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that delvac 1300 seems to be doing something. i just changed my oil and found what looked like a broken black plastic like ring clinging to the old filter. i looked in the canister compartment on the engine block and found a bigger piece in there. i tried to grab it and it broke apart and dissolved! i guess there was some carbon and/or sludge that was cleaned up by the delvac. interestingly, the sticking/stuck lifter problem i encountered occured only since i started using delvac 1300. maybe there's some dislodged pieces in there? i am hoping the auto-rx will do a more thorough cleaning.

btw there is a synthetic version of delvac - "delvac 1" which is cheaper than mobil 1 but is hard to find. there is also another brand of diesel synthetic oil which is allegedly available at walmart...
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