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this is my input after carrying out an engine flush today.

mine is a 190e 1993 car with 114 k miles on the clock.

the problem was of noisy lifters on startup when cold and also intermittently when hot ,so i decided to use engine flushing oil made by morris, a uk firm specialising in lubricants.

i drained the old oil which looked black/dirty-put in 5 litres on engine flush and ran the engine at idle for 10 minutes,then drained the flushing oil.

next i replaced the oil filter with a new one before finally topping the engine with 5 litres of 10w/40 semi-synthetic oil

verdict--wait for it

still get the noisy lifter ticking noise on startup and intermittently when hot-so it did not work for me as it must be a worn out lifter.
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