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Just a thought on the NOTE:
First of all, on my 500, with new chain and all new guides, the cams are at 0/0. I believe the 450 and 500 are basically the same engine.
The NOTE says

"Note:Note: Due to design of the chain tensioner on V-8 engines, the right side of the chain travels farther than the left side. This means the right-side camshaft is approximately 7 degrees retarded compared to the left side, and both marks on each side will not simultaneously align."

Where did this come from?
Could anyone explain how the position of the chain tensioner have anything to do with the timing of the cams?

Now back to the cams not being timed the same.
The only causes for this are:
1. The chain wasn't replaced, only broken apart and reconnected with the master link. (It is still streched)
2. There is an offset key in the cam that is off.
3. The idler sprocket between the cams is worn.

Again, food for thought.
84 500 SEL (307,xxx miles)
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