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When driving my 560SL down a gentle grade, it feels as though the car wants to subtly surge/brake repeatedly, when I have the accelerator pedal somewhere between accelerating and all the way off.
The garage here recently went through the linkage, cleaning and lubricating. The cruise also surges and backs on downslopes, and I even think I feel a little of that when it's on the level. But that's maybe a separate matter (maybe not). What puzzles me is the seeming "all on, all off" nature of the engine when on these downslopes.
Is it natural for the 560 to feel like it's in 2nd gear (meaning: a slight engine-braking when you take your foot off the gas?) when in normal driving mode?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


P.S....sold the MG!!


'87 560 SL
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