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replacing oil cooler hose

I noticed that my lower oil cooler hose (72 450SL) is leaking badly where the steel fitting fits over the rubber hose. I've put off the job for over a year cause I hadn't taken the time to locate the leak. Now it is very obvious where the leak is from. I ordered a new one and should have it next week. It looks like the hose is ready to go at any moment during my 75MPH commute to work.

I just changed my motor oil and I'm nervous about waiting 3K for the next oil change beforre replacing the hose. The lower cooling hose goes from the radiator to a pressure regulator looking object (it has no electrical connections, is it a temperature activated thing?). Does anyone know if this "object" will prevent oil from escaping from the cold engine block when i disconnect the hose, that way i only loose the oil in the radiator cooler and don't have to dump/waste all the crankcase oil?
1972 450SL
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