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Originally Posted by BillGrissom View Post
Sandens come with many different rear heads. Check ebay. You can swap heads for $20. There is also a universal head which has adapters. I recall one is for the uncommon Ford ports (Roto-lock or such) which were on their Yorks. I don't know what ports M-B Yorks had. But, your hoses probably have old rubber, so why not make new hoses and put a fitting at the Sanden ends to match the standard today which is #6 O-ring for outlet and #8 O-ring for suction. Recover your M-B fittings to use on the other side (hacksaw the ferrule and bend off). A shop can crimp new ferrules or you can buy Oeticker stepless ear clamps on ebay. I suggest "reduced barrier" AC hose. You can get Sanden heads with those ports on the top (most common) or end.

BTW, are you using the common "York to Sanden" adapter bracket? It would bolt to your existing York bracket and has curved slots to tension the Sanden belt. I have one I was going to use on one of my Mopars, but changed my mind. I thought it was aluminum in the ebay ad, but someone just painted it silver so is still a bit heavy. Anyway, PM if you want it cheap.

I use HC refrigerant (Duracool) in all my 7 vehicles. PAO 68 oil (Hella) is best for any refrigerant and compatible with all. But, first read all the fears from people who know nothing about combustion all over the internet about HC being "explosive".
Well said, with one exception: The Sanden rear and vertical port heads use a #8 & #10, not #6 & #8. I would also add that the older Sanden compressors with the green sticker (made in Japan or Singapore) are much better than the latest version (made in USA- most likely with some Chinese parts). Like Bill said, ebay is a good source for the NOS compressors. Changing the head is a small price to pay for a good compressor. If no luck on ebay, A/C Parts Warehouse has the best price for the new Sandens.
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